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Hebe ® Distribution Ltd., 19 Warren Park Way, Leicester, LE19 4SA. UK.  Company reg: 11320105

Do you have what it takes to sell Hebe? Are you a believer?


If yes, then e-mail; hello@hebedrinks.com with your requirements.


We offer a wide range of wholesale opportunities, such as:-


Individual Licensed Accounts (ILA’s)

For those wanting to generate sales of Hebe within their region.



For SME's with online retail wanting to promote Hebe? 

Then we offer a drop-shipping facility. Delivering Hebe direct from our warehouse to your customer.


Cafe's Bars & Restaurants

We offer volume-pack options, as opposed to individual boxes. 

In addition to providing YOU with promotional & marketing accessories to help promote Hebe, and more importantly YOUR sales.


Items available include: Bamboo Travel Mugs, Ceramic Mugs, Aprons, Floor Display Stands, Leaflets, Posters and boxed product for display/retail.


NOTE: Should you have a specific request, other than the items listed above? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We welcome all suggestions & ideas.


Supermarkets/Department Stores

Please get-in-touch. 

Our door is always open to discuss volume orders


All enquiries welcome!

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