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  • Hebe 'Flavour Taster' Individual Sachets - Free Delivery

    Not quite sure which flavour you will like?

    Well now you can find your favourite with our individual 'taster' sachets. Each sachet costs just £1.69.


    Fancy trying them all? Then you can save 20p per sachet when buying our 'Full Flavour' set for just £7.45.


    All sachets are delivered via 1st class stamp postage and are supplied with all nutritional & ingredients information per flavour.

    • This service has been designed to allow you to sample all or a selection of our 5 flavours before purchasing one of our flavour boxes.

      The maximum order amount that will be accepted is 5 sachets.

      Any orders containing 6 or more sachets will be cancelled and a refund issued.


      You may order no more than 2 sachets of the same flavour, up to the maximum order thresold of 5 sachets. Any orders containing 3 or more of the same flavour will be cancelled and a refund issued.

      • 100% of the grains are whole grains
      • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
      • Contains gluten
      • Dairy free
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    Making the Hebe 'Perfect Pour'
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