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Privacy Policy

Your privacy, our promise

We take our responsibility to protect your privacy very seriously. That’s why we promise to never release your personal information to any third party company for their mailing or marketing purposes when you make a purchase on our website, or sign-up for Hebe marketing.

We will immediately unsubscribe you from all marketing communication upon receival of your request to do so.


From time to time we will run competitions in partnership with a third party company - always fully vetted by us to ensure they complement our brand and would be of interest to you, our customers – in this circumstance we will offer you the opportunity to opt-in to that specific third party’s marketing. This is the only circumstance where this option will be available and it’s just that – an option.

When you shop on our website we collect information relevant to your purchase. This allows us to send your order, contact you in relation to your order (for example if your order is lost, an item is out of stock, payment hasn’t cleared etc.) and to pass your payment information onto our processing partner Stripe. All of this information is stored securely and we comply with all applicable data protection and consumer legislation.

We store information in your account if you choose the “save my card details” option to allow this on your way through the checkout. This information (name, address, phone number, email address, payment information) is stored to allow an easier checkout process for you when you place future orders via the “express pay” feature.

We use data analytics tools to segment customer data and target marketing to customers who have opted-in. This is so we can send you relevant information if you’ve opted-in, rather than information you might not be all that interested in. Our ability to target continues to improve over time, so the information you receive will continue to improve in relevance. We also use this information to help us understand who our customers are and how to market to new potential customers.

We only use affirmative opt-in options. You will have to explicitly agree to receive marketing, we will never use confusing language. Your preferences are a “no” to all marketing by default, so we’ll only add you to our marketing list if you explicitly tell us that you’d like to be on it either via the newsletter sign-up box or by getting in touch.

You may contact us at any time to request a copy of all data and information we hold on you as a customer. You may also contact us to amend or update your details at any time by calling us on 07378 351501. You can amend your personal account details by visiting the ‘your account’ page on the website.

You have a right to be forgotten and as such we’re able to remove all of your personal information from our records. We can’t remove your orders, items purchased and values as we require these for historical accounting, but your personal affiliation with these orders will be anonymised and all of your personal information would no longer be held by us.



When you access our website we will use cookies. Cookies are tiny text files that identify your computer to us. This helps us personalise our website to your best interests. Without cookies we wouldn't be able to recognise you, make recommendations, update your basket or allow you to automatically update previously added information. Cookies enable us to make any purchases you make on our website quicker and easier. Cookies cannot read any other information that may be stored on your hard drive, or access any other information about you, or people who may use your computer. Only Hebe can access the information provided by these cookies. You can read more about our cookies here.


Website Security

Hebe uses the latest Secure Server Technology to ensure that all data submitted through our website is protected to the highest standards. SSL Secure Shopping encryption is used to ensure that all credit card and transactional information is secure. You can tell when the web page you’re using is secure as the letters 'https' will replace 'http' in the browser address window. You will also notice a padlock either next to your browser address window or at the bottom of your browser window.


We regularly review our privacy policy and recommend that our customers visit these pages regularly.

Contact Details

We are a very small team and we’ll do our very best to get back to you as quickly as possible!


Call us on: +44 7378 351501 (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00)

Write to us at: Hebe Distribution Ltd, 7 Shipman Road, Leicester, LE3 2YB

Email: hello@hebedrinks.com

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