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The Brand

Hebe is a Greek mythological goddess. She is the daughter of Zeus & Hera and the goddess of eternal youth.

She was the cupbearer to the gods & goddesses of Mt. Olympus, serving them their nectar and ambrosia, until she married the legendary Hercules.


The name Hebe comes from the Greek word meaning “youth” or “prime of life”. For those reasons, we chose Hebe to be the brand name behind our nutritional whole grain beverages.

Our Story

Hebe was realised in 2018, but the idea came by chance in 2017, when Steve and Chris met during a business trip in Asia.

An immediate friendship transpired...

Chris is one of those guys that each year would go through phases of trying to be healthier in order to feel better, more ‘alive’. Whilst Steve on the other hand was ‘tired’, constantly traveling throughout Asia. Juggling life in the fast lane.

Each day Chris would have the hotel whisk up a ‘post-workout’ concoction after his morning gym session, consisting of blended oats and blueberries etc. Whilst Steve would skip breakfast, and reach for a coffee. His preferred choice as a morning ‘pick me up’.

It was during their time together, that a "Eureka" moment transpired.

“What if we could develop a drink, that’s healthy, fills you up, and gives you plenty of energy?” “Something alternative to a shake or a coffee, that’s quick and simple, yet delivers the needs both Steve and Chris sought after.”

Welcome Hebe!

Together they started to research ingredients, and their benefits. Before teaming up with a manufacturer who they felt shared the same values and goals as they did.

This manufacturer then helped refine their concepts and ideas further, before processing their chosen ingredients into a real product. The experience was amazing, and better yet the flavours they developed tasted amazing!

Hebe was born!

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