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Health Benefits of Purple Rice

The health benefits of purple rice have received a lot of media attention of late, although this
colorful food staple is not new. Some benefits include:


  • It is entirely non-allergenic and gluten-free.

  • It is a rich source of antioxidants

  • Helps in liver detoxification

  • Aids in weight loss and protects the heart


Fun Facts about Purple Rice
  • The ancient Chinese supposedly revered purple, or black rice, so much so that only the emperor was allowed to eat it, earning it the name 'forbidden rice'.

  • Its purple colour is from the antioxidant anthocyanin, which is also found in blueberries.

  • Purple rice is currently being researched upon as a viable way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and cancer due to its powerful antioxidant properties. 

  • Instead of saying “How are you?” as a typical greeting, the Chinese ask “Have you had your rice today?”

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